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I write this website and its tutorials and present them as a free resource to all visitors. When I recommend products, I may use links to merchants who in return will provide me with a small fee for any resulting purchases.

This comes at no cost to you, and you are under no obligation to purchase anything.

How does this work? It’s simple. If you read a guide that I’ve written and click through to make a purchase, then the merchant knows you arrived via my guide, and will pay me a small fee as a thank you. Once again, this does not cost you anything. It comes out of the merchant’s pocket.

Having affiliate links allows me to dedicate time and effort to keep the website full of informative tutorials and guides that would otherwise not be possible. It is my goal to help readers find ways to improve their game, and to purchase products that offer good value for money, and because of this, I will never recommend products based on their price.

Trust is very important to me as a coach, and I wouldn’t be much help if I was telling you to purchase rubbish for the sake of a few extra pennies a month. It would harm my reputation and result in fewer coaching bookings.

Each and every page that features affiliate links of this kind will have a small notice at the very beginning of the page to inform you that links may result in a commission for me.

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